How Private Eyes & Law Enforcement Work Together

Law Enforcement Agencies

It’s no lie that this country has law enforcement agencies that pride themselves with greatness. They continually work tirelessly not only to investigate crimes but also to prosecute them. Although these often lack the necessary, resources to ensure a work well done or sometimes they are understaffed, the police detectives always dedicate themselves to ensuring justice prevails in their communities. Justice is one special thing that all who works in the justice system pride themselves in.

Criminal Activities

Notably, jaw-dropping criminal activities are always on the high thus, the detectives are always kept busy. During the Aurora, Colorado Movie Theater shooting where twelve people were allegedly massacred by the suspected gunman James Eagan Holmes during the screening of the newly released Batman movie on 20th July, it was apparent that there are no shortages of criminal activities. Nevertheless, it’s notable that not every criminal can be detected easily. James made it easy for the police to locate him and discover he was the shooter through wearing tactical clothing.

Types of Criminals

Criminals are known by different names. The most elusive of them all is known as the “Barefoot Bandit”. One such example is Colton Harris-Moore. Moore who has finally received a six and a half years sentence in prison because of a two-year-long criminal sprees managed to evade the law enforcement agencies for long. During his crime spree years, he continually broke into homes stealing cars and boats across many states.

The Justice System

In cases, our justice system shows it tries to balance delicately the different forces during the due processes. Moreover, it balances delicately the need that society has for retribution. Unfortunately, sometimes the justice system is off the mark. Thus, every so often, somebody slips through its cracks, and another ends up being convicted of a crime they did not commit.

The Police Detectives

The implications of these are that the police do a great deal of service for the prosecutors by discovering witnesses to crimes and following up the evidence to the suspect. Nonetheless, the defense sometimes realizes that some key evidence or witnesses are missing or have not come forward. And since the defense lawyers are seeking for reasonable doubt to be established in the case, they will need every material available to ensure this. Therefore, the top private investigators serve a very vital role in the investigation of the criminal defense. For the defense to know and establish that the assumptions they bear of their client’s innocence are indeed correct, then there is a great need for the defense to conduct criminal investigations.

Private Investigators

The private investigator has the role of finding witnesses as well as evidence that will help in establishing reasonable doubt, which ultimately shows the jury that they can believe the defendant is not responsible for committing the mentioned crimes in the charges brought against him or her. One such famous role was that which was played by O.J’s private investigators, which ultimately helped the dream team to make the jury acquit him. The private investigators helped in retrieving the tapes that helped in depicting Mark Furman as a racist, which was key as he pleads the fifth during the cross-examination. Ultimately, it’s evident that private investigators play a major role in the defense team.

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